Hair Services

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Hair Color

Root Maintenance
All Over Hair Color


Partial Highlight

Front hairline to behind ears 

Leaving Underneath existing color

Full Highlight

Front hairline to back hairline 

Covering entire head

Mini Highlight

10 or less foils

(good for hairline brightening or pops of color)


Balayage Maintenance
Face Framing Balayage

Hair Cuts

Scissor Haircut

( Any hair length cut only with scissors all over. includes blow drying style )

Clipper Haircut

( Clipper style haircut. includes shampoo and quick style. )

All first time color guests will receive a detailed consultation addressing any and all color history.  

Any guests who have never colored their hair will be asked to do a test patch 48-hours before the service can be preformed. 


Waxing Services

Facial Waxing

Brow Shaping
Upper Lip
Lower Lip
Hair Line

Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Per Hour

Keratin Smoothing Blow-Out

It is very important to have the proper after care for any Keratin treatment. You will need to have Keratin safe shampoo and conditioner as well as products. Using non Keratin safe products will greatly reduce the longevity of your treatment.

Because the Keratin is a non permanent service you will see a gradual fade out of this treatment. Meaning you will not have a line of regrowth from this product.

When planning for your Keratin there are a few things to remember each treatment is different so please read carefully. 

Keratin Smoothing

Up to six (6) weeks (most clients see results up to 10 weeks)

Great for spot treatments such as fringe or problem areas

Get great frizz free style for that special occasion 

Lock in your color and add brilliant shine

  • Plan appointment to be 1-1.5 hours

  • Hair cut and a Keratin is suggested in same day for best results

  • Should not be shampooed for at lease 24 hours after treatment is complete.

  • Hair should not be put up in a clip, hair tie, headband, tucked behind the ear until 24 hour period is thru.

  • Products that contain salts or sulfate of any kind are not suggested for use with a Keratin treatment.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Up to five (5) months results (most clients see results 4-6 months)

Great for unruly thick curls that just need to be tamed.

Awesome for people looking to cut styling time by up to 50%

Adds lasting shine and softness

  • Plan appointment to be 2-3.5 hours

  • Hair cut and Keratin is suggested in same day for best results 

  • Can not be shampooed for at least 72 hours after treatment is complete.

  • Can not be put up in a clip, hair tie, headband, tucked behind the ear until 72 hour period has ended.

  • Restyling the hair with any hot tool before 72 hour period is up will is not recommended as undesired results can happen.

  • Products that contain salts of any kind are not suggested for use with Keratin treatment.

  • Non professional Keratin shampoo is not recommended with Keratin Complex Treatment