Hair Extensions

Fuller Longer Thicker Hair 

I offer only 100% Remy Hair and is Silicone Free to ensure the highest quality hair is being used that will look feel and act like your natural hair! 

What is Remy Hair?

 Remy Hair is a blend of hair that the cuticle (outside protective layer of hair) is intact and runs from root to end as it naturally would on the head.

Why silicone free?

 With other glue in hair systems they coat the hair to give the illusion of silky shiny hair (which washes out and drops the performance  after just a few washes)  Dreamcatchers hair is premium quality that they preform with out losing their natural luster.

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Extension Bookings

All new extension clients will have to have a 30 minute consultation prior to booking initial application appointment. 

Please take a moment to fill out the extension request form. 

Extension Request Form

Thank you for your request. 

Important Care Information

Daily Care: The client must ease out any tangles or any matting around the beads/sandwich once a day, as demonstrated by you’re Stylist. If this is not done, serious matting can develop. Removing such matting may cause damage to the DreamCatchers and the Client’s own hair.


Washing and Styling: The Client must follow the directions provided by  Stylist and only use the products approved by you’re the Stylist in order to prevent damage to the DreamCatchers and the Client’s own hair.


Coloring and Perming: Serious damage may be caused to your own hair and the DreamCatchers by chemical treatment at home or by hairdressers not thoroughly familiar with DreamCatchers. This is because color or perming chemicals may be trapped in the micro-cylinders/weft where they can continue to chemically affect and possibly damage to the DreamCatchers and your own hair. All chemical treatments of your hair should be carried out at a DreamCatchers approved Stylist. The range of color changes possible to DreamCatchers is limited by certain chemical factors understood by you’re Stylist.

Cutting: Hairdressers not familiar with DreamCatchers may damage it by cutting it too short, or by incorrect technique. 

Brushing Technique: Brushing must only be carried out by using the brushing technique given by your Stylist.

Swimming: When swimming, it is advisable to braid your DreamCatchers as this will prevent knotting. Always remember to rinse the chlorine or salt water out of your DreamCatchers after swimming and apply a good conditioner or detangling spray.


Sleeping: It is advisable to loosely braid or pony tail the hair when sleeping. A silk pillow case is recommended.  This smooth silky surface is non-abrasive and will assist in taking care of your DreamCatchers while sleeping.


DreamCatchers Aftercare and Maintenance Program: As your hair grows, the attachment micro-cylinders/ sandwiches attaching the DreamCatchers will move further away from your head along with your own hair. This can increase the traction on your own hair. It is necessary for you to return to your Stylist every four (4) to six (6) weeks, or as advised by you’re Stylist to have to the attachment cylinders/sandwiches  returned to their original position or replaced. Failure to do this may result in tangling and/or loss of some of your own hair. Should you require assistance in styling you may return to your stylist within one week of the initial fitting date to assist with any inquiries you may have. This will also determine the suitable forward care regime at home and Salon. It is essential that you call you’re the Stylist if you have any questions.